Subscriber stats - 17/11/08

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Virgin Mobile USA reports 5.2m mobile subscribers (flat).

SingTel had 217m (+10%) mobile users by the end of September, of which 77.5m in India, 60.5m in Indonesia, and 24m in the Philippines, and just 2.9m in Singapore.

India added 8m GSM subscribers in October to a total GSM base of 250m.

Hutchison Telecom reports 11.2m mobile subscribers.

Asiacell (Iraq) currently has 6m mobile subscribers, on track to double its subscriber base to 7.2m in next February,

Togo has a phone coverage of 4.8% for a population of about 5m inhabitants. That means over 95% of the population do not have access to telephone.

BT had 5.1m LLU and 8.2m DSL lines at the end of September.

America Movil has 177m mobile subscribers in 16 LATAM countries at the end of September.

Telefonica reported 252m (+15%) subscriber base, driven by growth in mobile, broadband and Pay TV. Mobile accounted for 189m at the end of September, broadband at 12m, and 2.1m Pay TV subscribers.

Turk Telekom said it had 5.5m DSL lines (+35%) at the end of September.

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