Market Corner - 17/11/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to OVUM, APAC would double its mobile subscriber base to 2.9bn by 2013 (from 1.4bn in 2007). That means that the APAC region would house over 50% of the world mobile subscriptions by 2011.

  • ABI Research said RadioFrame is the top picocell company, followed by ip.access and ZTE.

  • The National Taiwan University (NTU), has developed a SOC (system on chip) which can achieve ultra-fast transmission speeds (higher than WIFI and 3G) and can be produced in mass production for $1.

  • iPhone is the best choice for business user satisfaction, according to JD Power & Associates.

  • OVUM said the 3Q08 service provider switching and routing equipment sales was growing by 9% to $3.4bn, of which $755m in IP/MPLS core (+5%), $1.8bn in IP/MPLS edge (+21%), $658m in IP/Ethernet (+1%) and $185m in ATM (-26%).

  • Point Topic forecasts 4m UK fiber-based broadband connections by 2013.

  • According to Tariff Consultancy, an increasing number of European FTTH providers are offering a 100-Mbit/s service at €30 per month.

  • Gartner said that telecom carriers should consider partnering with Google, given its influence and market power, rather than compete with it.

  • ABI Research predicts 95m mobile M2M (machine-to-machine) modules would be shipped in 2013.

  • IT spending would grow by 2.6% in 2009, down from previous forecast of 6%. The situation would be worse in the US, where growth would be limited to less than 1% (from previous forecast of 4.2%).

  • The G1 smartphone would have a manufacturing cost of about $144, according to iSupply, about 10% lower than the iPhone.

  • According to Dell'Oro, Ericsson is still the top mobile infra maker with a market share of 32%, followed by Nokia with 24%. The third is ALU with 14%, followed by Huawei with 11%.

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