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China: about 85m Chinese people use cell phones to access the Internet, while there were 275m internet subscribers by the end of Sept. 08. There were 616m (+69m) mobile subs. and 354m landlines (-11m) at the end of the period. China Netcom currently has 25m (+35%) broadband users

Japan: mobile calls overtook landline calls with mobile calls accounting for almost 45% of the total voice traffic and landline contributing for a little bit more than 43%.

Taiwan: 4m ADSL subscribers, but 50% of these users are likely to abandon their landline in favor of 3.5G internet services.

Bharti Airtel adds 2.7m mobile users in September, to get a total of 77.5m.

Cellcom (Israel) had 3.1m mobile subscribers at the end of June.

Turkey: with a customer base of almost 64m and a mobile penetration of 89% at the end of June, Turkey reported its lowest ever growth rate. Turkcell had 35.4m customers in Turkey with a market share of 55.5%; Vodafone follows with 17.4m users, while Avea had 11m subscribers and a 17% market share.

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