Subscriber Stats - 13/10/08

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Zain Tanzania currently has 3.3m cellular subscribers, and plans to have 3.8m by the end of the year.

Brazil had about 24.3m residential internet subscribers by the end of August.

Millicom International has 7.6m (+98%) mobile subscribers in 7 African countries as of June 2008, as part of a worldwide subscriber base of 28.5m (+58%).

According to GSMA, there were 235m WCDMA subscribers, of which 50m are HSPA.

Microsoft has announced a plan to adapt the Zune software platform for implementation in the Windows Mobile OS. When a converged Windows Mobile/Zune multimedia-enabled phone?

Egypt has almost 34m mobile subscribers, or a penetration rate of 41.5%.

Dialog Telecom (Sri Lanka) has over 5m subscribers.

Pakistan cut 10.5m mobile phone accounts.

S. Africa had a subscriber base of 42.1m mobile customers and a penetration rate of over 98% at the end of June.

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