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Fixed operator strategies - 16/03/08

Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan) plans to invest $1.5bn for expanding its fiber-optic network by 2012, of which $1.3bn in MSAN, VDSL2, EPON, ...and $300m in fiber optic gear. Most of networking equipment will be procured from local manufacturers. Energy City...

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Fixed operator strategies - 09/03/08

France targets that 100% of French households have broadband internet access before 2012. Comstar Ukraine launches IPTV in Odessa city. MTL (Malawi) plans to invest $25m to build a fiber-optic infrastructure. Sonera (Finland) plans to invest in FTTH....

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Fixed operator strategies - 02/03/08

KPN (NL) has signed a deal with Sprint Nextel to use its IP networks in North America. MGTS (Russia) plans to deploy a $100m ADSL2+ infrastructure with internet broadband speed up to 24Mbit/s. Hellas Sat will deploy use Newtec's Satellite Multimedia Broadband...

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Fixed operator strategies - 23/02/08

United Content Distributors (NL) launched a set-top box tying cable or satellite video service with Internet video access and present it on the television screen, bringing IPTV to the masses. Galaxia Telecom (Algeria) has opened its WiMAX service In Algeria....

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Fixed operator strategies - 03/02/08

Algeria is likely to launch a nationwide Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) network in 2008. VSNL (India) has bought a stake in the Eassy submarine project. Hong Kong: the auction for radio frequencies for broadband wireless access would take place in Q4 2008....

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Fixed Operator strategies - 27/01/08

CMT , the Spanish telecom regulator, has ruled out forcing Telefonica to share cable ducts of its new fiber-optic network. O2 Germany offers unlimited access to the Napster music service with all new DSL subscriptions. Italy has received 29 bids for WIMAX...

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Fixed operator strategies - 19/01/08

The Cloud (UK based) announced plans to purchase GlobalAirNet (Ganag), WiFi service provider in Germany. Tele2 Austria and 3 Austria are partnering for offering a package including mobile telephony, fixed telephony and broadband services. TPSA (Poland)...

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Fixed operator strategies - 12/01/08

BT and Microsoft teamed up to deliver IPTV and HD movie services (BT' s Vision package) to Xbox 360 users. Telecom Italia plans to sell its French ISP unit Alice (880k ADSL subscribers). Meraki Networks is a start-up that promises (again) free WiFi in...

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