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Subscriber stats - 17/11/08

Virgin Mobile USA reports 5.2m mobile subscribers (flat). SingTel had 217m (+10%) mobile users by the end of September, of which 77.5m in India, 60.5m in Indonesia, and 24m in the Philippines, and just 2.9m in Singapore. India added 8m GSM subscribers...

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Subscriber stats - 11/11/08

Etisalat had 2,2m 3G subscribers by mid-2008. Du (UAE) reports a 30% market share with 2.3m users (of which 1,9m are active). According to a Russian survey, 69% of Russians do not access the internet at all. Only 11% of the population accesses internet...

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Subscriber stats - 21/10/08

China : about 85m Chinese people use cell phones to access the Internet, while there were 275m internet subscribers by the end of Sept. 08. There were 616m (+69m) mobile subs. and 354m landlines (-11m) at the end of the period. China Netcom currently...

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Subscriber Stats - 13/10/08

Zain Tanzania currently has 3.3m cellular subscribers, and plans to have 3.8m by the end of the year. Brazil had about 24.3m residential internet subscribers by the end of August. Millicom International has 7.6m (+98%) mobile subscribers in 7 African...

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Subscriber Stats - 07/10/08

Pakistan reports the lowest growth rate in eight years at less than 7% in 2Q08, but annually the growth rate is still over 39%. The subscriber base stood at over 88m mobile subscribers at the end of June. Mobilink owns 36.4% of the market, followed by...

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Subscriber stats - 29/09/08

China Mobile added 7.2m new mobile users in August to bring its total to 429m. China Telecom ended August with 214m landline users (- 690k lines), and 41.5m broadband subscribers. Mexico had over 73m mobile users at the end of June, ranking second to...

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Subscriber Stats - 22/09/08

Reliance (India) added 1.75m new wireless subscribers in August, bringing its total subscriber base to over 54m, of which some 8m are GSM. India added 6.3m new GSM subscribers in August to reach a total of 226m, of which Bharti Airtel accounts for 74.7m,...

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Subsciber stats - 08/09/08

Orascom Telecom reached 77m mobile subscriber base at the end of June. Telefonica currently has 150m subscribers in LATAM. China crossed the 600m mobile user line by end-July with 608m subscribers, adding 62m new customers in seven months. France had...

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Subscriber stats - 31/08/08

India added 9.2m wireless subscribers (GSM+CDMA+ WLL) in July, bringing its total to 296m. India had 335m telephone connections at the end of July, with a teledensity of 29.1%. Total broadband subscribers base reached 4.6m by the end of July. Colombia...

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