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Mobile vendor strategies - 16/03/08

Rumor circulating: Asian mobile phone makers may be in talks with Motorola about possible partnerships. Ericsson is faster than rivals to announce infrastructure and device platforms for deployment in the 700MHz band. It also supports MBMS (Multimedia...

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Mobile vendor strategies - 09/03/08

Nokia plans to embed Microsoft’ s Silverlight technology on its handsets. Mitsubishi will go out the mobile phone market. Ningbo Bird (China) will sell its 50% stake in its handset joint venture with Sagem Mobile to Safran (France) for about €15m. ALU...

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Mobile vendor strategies - 02/03/08

Analysts doubt that Apple will reach the goal of selling 10m iPhone units in 2008. According to developers and analysts, Android -based handsets would not be a mass market solution before two years. Opera Software has chosen back Google as its default...

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Mobile vendor strategies - 17/02/08

NextWave has expanded its ecosystem to enable innovative, end-to-end WiMAX solutions. The strategy is to speed up time -to-market, and develop innovative products in partnership. Ericsson and Altobridge are partnering to develop and roll out GSM coverage...

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Mobile vendor strategies - 10/02/08

Apple is now the number three among smartphone vendors, according to Canalys. It has launched a new iPhone device with 16Gmo memory. Fujitsu Networks has announced an outdoor microcell base station for mobile WiMAX, the BroadOne WX300. It launched the...

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Mobile vendor strategies - 03/02/08

Sony Ericsson has signed deals with with 10 music labels to add content to its mobile music download service. It will outsource the production of the four new lower cost handset announced last week to 3rd party suppliers. Motorola and Cambridge Silicon...

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Mobile vendor strategies - 27/01/08

Sanyo will sell its ailing mobile handset division to Kyocera for $375m. Huawei said it will offer a new solution, called 'Green Sites Solution', capable of slashing base station power consumption by 60%. Strong reaction in Germany (from authorities and...

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Mobile vendor strategies - 19/01/08

Sony will add GPS functionality to its PSP device. It comes just few days after Skype offer VOIP to PSP users. LG targets the US handset market challenger position and set a goal of $13bn in sales in 2008. A la Mobile makes the first demonstration of...

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Mobile vendor strategies - 12/01/08

Future mobile phones would be designed to include a breakthrough ultra-compact, LED-illuminated projection engine , able to project an image 40 inches wide on walls. The technology is designed by 3M. Samsung targets selling 200m mobile units in 2008 and...

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