Mobile vendor strategies - 19/01/08

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Sony will add GPS functionality to its PSP device. It comes just few days after Skype offer VOIP to PSP users.

LG targets the US handset market challenger position and set a goal of $13bn in sales in 2008.

A la Mobile makes the first demonstration of the Google Android platform on HTC' s Qtek 9090 smartphone. The demo proves that Android lacks some essentials, such as device drivers, a Linux kernel, system utilities and mobile middleware, but really works .

ALU and SFR validate DVB-SH Mobile TV terrestrial trial network. The tests validated that it is possible to reuse the 3G+ sites, towers and antennas in order to deploy a DVB-SH mobile TV broadcast network in the frequency bands adjacent to UMTS.

Nokia launches a near field communication (NFC) mobile payment pilot project in Shanghai.

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