Mobile vendor strategies - 12/01/08

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Future mobile phones would be designed to include a breakthrough ultra-compact, LED-illuminated projection engine, able to project an image 40 inches wide on walls. The technology is designed by 3M.

Samsung targets selling 200m mobile units in 2008 and rising its market share to 25%. After focusing on premium devices, Samsung is shifting its focus on low-cost devices (in the range of $40-$50) and emerging markets. Samsung announced four new mobile phones at the CES 2008 show: the SGH-i450 dual slider music phone, the SGH-G800 with a 5-megapixel camera, and two Windows Mobile 6 smartphones: the SGH-i620 and the SGH-i780.

Samsung Americas believes in femtocell national deployment in 2008.

Sharp and Legend are partnering for developing an integrated single chip solution for DTV (terrestrial digital TV) mobile devices.

Motorola announced four new handsets, a new-generation music phone, the ROKR E8, two new handsets in its W line, the W230 and W270, and the MOTO Z10, a HSDPA phone running on Symbian OS.

Microsoft will not launch an iPhone rival.

Sony Ericsson showed off three new models at CES: the Walkman 760 features tri-band HSDPA, the Walkman W350 including EDGE, and the entry level Z555 EDGE phone.

Sony is developing a close proximity wireless transfer technology (TransferJet) to compete with NFC or Bluetooth. The technology enables the high speed transfer of large data files (photos, HD images, ....) between electronic devices at speeds of 560Mbit/s.

Ericsson is teaming with Datang (China) and setting up a 4G research center.

Huawei is suing CAT (Thailand) for unpaid $250m invoices related to a CDMA network roll-out.

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