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237 articles avec vendor- contracts (mobile)

Mobile orders - 16/03/08

NSN will deploy its location based system LBS into Telkomsel' s network (Indonesia), and will supply Fastweb (Italy) with MVNE (mobile virtual network enabler) technology. Huawei is providing USB keys E270 and Express Card E870 for 7.2Mbit/s HSDPA services....

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Mobile contracts - 09/03/08

Nortel and Motorola have received an unexpected order from BSNL (India) for 5m mobile lines, equally split between the two vendors. Ericsson has been selected by E-Plus (Germany) to expand and upgrade its 3G network. Vodafone Australia has selected it...

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Mobile contracts - 23/02/08

ALU has been selected by ATT Mobile to deploy its UMTS/HSDPA solution. It is a major deal given ATT' s ambitious plans. Ericsson will deploy a UMTS/HSPA network for Vimpelcom to cover seven of the nine regions in Russia. It will provide a GSM/UMTS/HSPA...

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Mobile contracts - 17/02/08

ALU announced a deal with AT&T Mobility to further expand its 3G/HSPA network. It will upgrade and expand SMARTS' network in Russia, MTN' s network in Yemen, as well as Unitel' s network in Angola. Ericsson has secured a deal with DoCoMo for LTE base...

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Mobile contracts - 10/02/08

NSN will expand Megafon' s 2G infrastructure, as well as 3G upgrades, under a €320m contract. It has received a $935m contract from Saudi Zain for rolling out a 2G and a 3G network. It has delivered rural broadband networks to Sterela Wireless (USA) Ericsson...

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Mobile contracts - 03/02/08

ALU has been awarded a deal by mCel (Mozambique) to deploy a 3G UMTS network. Nortel wins two new GSM-R contracts. China's Ministry of Railways has ordered a new GSM-R contract along the Zhengzhou – Xi'an railways line, and Lithuanian Railways has ordered...

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Mobile contracts - 27/01/08

Huawei has won a $500m order from Reliance (India) for GSM infrastructure in India. Reliance is believed to prepare a massive GSM network tender (worth over $5bn and 70m lines). Ericsson is providing a 3G WCDMA network at 900MHz to Pannon (Hungary), and...

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Mobile contracts - 19/01/08

ALU has received a 5-year order from US Cellular to increase coverage and capacity of its CDMA network. It will provide Brasil Telecom Participações with the administration and maintenance of the operator's fixed and mobile telephony infrastructure and...

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Mobile contracts - 12/01/08

Motorola has signed a $150m mobile contract with Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) (Saudi Arabia) for GSM network expansion, and will provide the radio network of MTC (Saudi Arabia). Ericsson will provide a mobile TV and video solution to Cellcom (Israel); expand...

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