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Etisalat had 2,2m 3G subscribers by mid-2008.

Du (UAE) reports a 30% market share with 2.3m users (of which 1,9m are active).

According to a Russian survey, 69% of Russians do not access the internet at all. Only 11% of the population accesses internet every day, but almost 45% of Moscow's households had broadband connections in 2007.

Argentina' s broadband subscriber base soared to 3m at the end of 1H08.

China Unicom reports almost 131m GSM subscribers at the end of September, on a total of 172.5m. China Mobile had 434.7m users.

China finished October with 607m mobile connections, adding 7.9m new subscriptions in the month. There were 977m phone users in China by the end of September and 79,4m broadband users.

Indosat (Indonesia) had 24.5m subscribers at the end of 2007. It is the second largest mobile operator in Indonesia.

Idea Cellular (India) said its mobile subscriber base rose to 30m at the end of June.

India added 10m new subscribers in September, bringing its total base to over 310m (but figures include also WLL and fixed lines).

Brazil had almost 141m mobile connections at the end of Sept.

Portugal Telecom had 12m African subscribers by the end of June, of which 5m in sub-Sahara region, 3.8m in Angola and 0.94m in Namibia.

SK Telecom had 22.9m subscribers at the end of September, up 5.9%.

TIM (Italy) said it had 1,6m 3G users as of June 08.

Panama had about 2.7m subscribers at end 1Q08.

MTN (S. Africa) has increased its subscriber base to over 80m (+9%) at the end of September 2008.

T-Mobile USA now has 32.1m customers.

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