Subscriber Stats - 07/10/08

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Pakistan reports the lowest growth rate in eight years at less than 7% in 2Q08, but annually the growth rate is still over 39%. The subscriber base stood at over 88m mobile subscribers at the end of June. Mobilink owns 36.4% of the market, followed by Telenor and Ufone with 20.6% each and Warid with 17.6%. Zong ended June with a 4.5% market share.

Broadband subscribers: according to the Broadband Forum and Point Topic, there were 380m (+17%) broadband subscribers worldwide, of which 120m in Europe (market share of 32%). The US are still the largest country with 76.7m subs, with China on its heels with 76m, and far behind Japan with 29.5m. The DSL technology is the most popular with a 64% share or 250m customers. In Europe, Germany leads the pack with 21.8m users, followed by the UK and France with 16.7m each, and Italy with 11.5m and Spain with 8.5m.

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