Subscriber stats - 18/05/08

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France: Orange added 331k new ADSL users in 1Q08, while Free added 137k and Neuf Cegetel only 77k. Subscriber bases are respectively 7.6m in France, 3m and 3.3m.

BT reports 4.4m broadband users, and 214k customers to its BT Vision IPTV services at the end of March.

Singtel (Singapore) said its subscriber base rose to over 185m at the end of March.

India added 6.1m new GSM customers in April.

Mexico had 71m (+20%) mobile users at the end of March. Telcel/America Movil accounts for 51.5m or a 72.5% market share; Movistar had 13.3m users or a 18.7% market share. Iusacell had just 4m customers. It has 20m fixed lines in service and 5.8m broadband subscribers.

Telefonica had 171.7m (+16%) mobile customers at the end of March; 10.8m broadband users (+27%), of which 4.8m in Spain, 5.2m in LATAM and 0.8m in ROE; and globally 233.5m customers worldwide (+13%). It had 554k IPTV customers in Spain

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