Market Corner - 18/05/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • Microsoft- Yahoo: not finished? Carl Icahn is trying to enter in the Yahoo Board with “friends” in order to unseat part of Yahoo' s board and relaunch the deal. In addition he bought 3.6% stake in Yahoo.

  • Mobile substitution: a US survey reveals that 16% of US households only had a mobile phone in 2H07.

  • According to Ericsson, 6.5bn mobile phones would be in operations by 2013 and over 3.5bn broadband users, of which 2.3bn would be mobile broadband. 2m radio base stations would be required over the next five years.

  • Mobile messaging revenues would grow to $212bn by 2013, according to ABI Research.

  • Juniper Research forecasts that WiMAX growth would take place around 2010 and could lead to 47m subscribers by 2013. It also said that revenues for WiMAX as a DSL replacement will exceed $20bn per year by 2013 and that 12% of the subscriber base will be replaced by WiMAX technology.

  • The worldwide service provider switching and routing equipment market grew 25% in 1Q08 to $3.1bn, according to Ovum RHK. The core IP/MPLS market grew 43% to $747m, the edge market grew 37% to $1.5bn, the IP/Ethernet market grew 17% to $604m and the ATM market grew 34% to $213m.

  • Japan has successfully tested a bi-directional internet link supporting speeds of 1.2Gbit/s

  • In India, major mobile phone vendors are Nokia (almost 70%), Sony Ericsson (8%), Samsung (7%) and Motorola (almost 6%).

  • China continues to invest in Africa: the latest example is funding $30m with the Lesotho government and Telecom Lesotho in telecom projects.

  • Microsoft expects 40% market share for Windows Mobile OS by 2012.

  • UK launches a 3-year, £1bn investment plan in technology innovation.

  • TomTom has received EU approval to take over rival TeleAtlas.

  • GSA has identified 313 commercial EDGE networks (+40%) in 147 countries (+30%) and additional 50 EDGE commitments. This is a good penetration in 5 years when the first EDGE network was launched in 2003.

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