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The Philippine' s mobile subscriber base reached 55m with a penetration rate of 60% and is planned to reach 73m by 2010.

China Mobile added 22.8m new customers in 1Q08, of which 7.8m in March, boosting its total to 392.1m.

China Unicom added 3.7m mobile users in March and brings its total to 167m, of which 124.2m GSM users.

Taiwan: 2G mobile subscriber base was down 4% to 15.9m, but 3G user base increased 17% to almost 7m. Mobile internet access rose 8% to 11.9m in 2007.

Japan: Fiber-optic access lines (FTTH) are now exceeding ADSL access lines in the country.

Colombia mobile customer base increased to 33.6m, of which 21.4m for Comcel (an America Movil unit).

America Movil had 159.2m mobile subscribers at the end of March (+5.7m in the month), of which 51.5m in Mexico, and 31m in Brazil .

Millicom International reports a global subscriber base of 26m.

Ghana had 7.6m mobile users at 2007-end, with a penetration level of 33%. Operators are: MTN (53%), Tigo (26.7%), Ghana Telecom (16.8%), Kasapa Telecom (3.5%) & Westel (0.x%).

MTN (S. Africa) said it had a global customer base of 61.4m (+53%) across 21 countries.

Pakistan had 77m mobile connections at the end of 2007, of which 30.6m for Mobilink, 16.2m for U-fone.

Bharti Airtel (India) reports 62m subscribers at the end of March (+6.8m new users in the month).

Australia ended 2007 with 7.1m internet users.

SK Telecom had 22.4m (+8%) subscribers at the end of 2007.

DoCoMo reports 53.4m mobile subscribers at the end of March, up 1.5%.

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