Operator Corner (1) - 17/11/08

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3 UK will provide free INQ1 handset when a customer subscribe to its £15 per month contract, and offer unlimited free Facebook, Skype, Windows Messenger and web access + 75 mn of regular calls to other networks.

T-Mobile Germany launches RIM' s Blackberry Curve 8900 smartphone.

Telkom (S. Africa) bought ISP MWeb for $63m and plans to become a pan-African integrated operator.

Svyazinvest is considering to merge its seven units and Rostelecom into a single operator.

ATT is selling Nokia' s 6650 smartphone for $70 with a 2-year contract. It is buying GSM operator cellular for $944m in cash. This will add 1.1m new customers.

Verizon Wireless sells the Blackberry Storm at $200, with a 2-year contract.

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