Operator Corner (2) - 11/11/08

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SK Telecom (S. Korea) plans to join hands with Unicom on W-CDMA technology, and increase its co-operation with Datang Mobile and the Chinese government on TD-SCDMA.

Star Telecom (Laos), a JV between Viettel (Vietnam) and Lao-Asia Telecom, will start operation in Laos, targets 1,5m users by 2010, but the 1200 base stations building will not be completed before end-2009.

Lao telecom announced the launch of 3G services in the capital city of Vientiane.

Mobilink unveils VoIP and broadband services on a WiMAX network in Pakistan

VNPT/ VDC (Vietnam) has increased by 50% the capacity of its fiber optic link between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to 7.5Gbit/s.

PT Telekomunikasi (Indonesia) plans to buy about 20% stake in the Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI). But the deal has to be approve by the Iranian government.

Another problem in the Terria group (Australia). After TPG and AAPT, a third member is leaving the group aimed to provide a bid on building Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN). ISP TransACT is leaving the consortium.

China Telecom is planning to expand its CDMA network in capacity and coverage, but also to start commercial trial of combined CDMA and WiFi services in 1Q09.

Carrefour, a strong French retailer, will launch MVNO services in Taiwan, using Chunghwa Telecom network.

Telstra plans to spend $13m on several DWDM systems across Western Australia.

Malaysia Airlines allow passengers to make and receive calls on their mobile phones while in flight.

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