Operator Corner (3) - 11/11/08

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Comcast has commenced the deployment of Docsis 3.0 technology allowing broadband services at 50Mbit/s.

ATT said 5% of its subscribers take up 50% of its capacity, justifying its strategy to introduce bandwidth caps. ATT has agreed to buy Wayport, a US WiFi services provider, for $275m. ATT acquires Centennial for about $1bn and gains 1.1m new subscribers.

Movistar (Venezuela) launches pay-TV services in the country .

Telefonica is working with Microsoft to offer a VOIP service, called Voype, to to customers of Windows Live Messenger in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, the US and Venezuela.

In the US market, Century Telecom plans to pay over $11bn to buy Embarq, including Embarq debt of $5,8bn.

Verizon Wireless plans to introduce a home base station (femtocell unit) early in 2009.

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