Operator results - 23/02/08

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Telenor (Norway) reports 23% increase in 4Q07 net income to €960m, while revenues fell 3% to €2.9bn. For the year, Telenor reported a €2.3bn net profit (+13%) on revenues of €6.2bn (+15%).

Rogers Comms. (Canada) posted 44% increase in net profit to $255m, on revenues up 13% to $2.7bn.

Wind (Italy) announced 2007 revenues of €5.3bn (+4.5%) and EBITDA of €1.8bn (+10%).

TDC (Denmark) posted 2007 revenues of €5.3bn, down almost 2%, and EBITDA of €1.7bn, down 4%.

Telstra (Australia) reports FY1H revenues of €7.4bn (+5.3%) and EBIT of €1.9bn, up 6.2%. Telstra raised its guidance for the full year.

Telefonica O2 said its 4Q07 net profit rose to €106m, up 139%, on revenues of €604m, up 1%. Full year results were €2.4bn (+3%) and profit was €395m (+30%).

AIS (Thailand) reported better-than-expected results. 4Q07 earnings jumped 61% to $158m and full year profit of $502m, almost flat.

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