Operator results - 02/03/08

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Metro PCS (USA) posted 4Q07 net loss of $47m,down from $17m last year, on revenues of $591m, up 31%.

Telekom Austria reported full year revenues of €4.9bn, up 3.3%, and EBITDA of €1.9bn (down 3%).

Sprint Nextel reports 4Q07 revenues of $9.8bn (-6%) and 2007 revenues of $40bn (-2%); Wireless revenues were $8.4bn ( -6%) in 4Q07 and $34.5bn, down 1%, for the year. Wireline revenues were $1.5bn (-1%) and $6bn (-1.5%) respectively. Most of the difficulties are coming from the iDEN network (ex Nextel), with high customer base erosion. Therefore, the quarter results include a massive goodwill impairment charge of $30bn (almost the value of Nextel), recalling what happened at the beginning of the telecom bubble in 2000-2001. Sprint posted a loss of $29.5bn in the quarter.

ATT still expects mid-single digit growth in revenue for the year, despite the impact of unlimited voice and data new calling packages in the US and highly potential economy recession.

Portugal Telecom reported consolidated revenues of €6.2bn, up 7.5%, and EBITDA of €2.4bn, up 5.5%. Net profit fell 79% to €72m, hurt by taxes, pension fund reinforcement and higher costs. Wireline revenues fell 5% to €2bn, while domestic mobile revenues increased 3% to €1.5bn and Vivo revenues jumped 17% to €2.5bn.

DT announced 4Q07 net loss of €757m (narrower than €898m last year), on revenues of €15.8bn (flat). Excluding a big charge for reducing its work force, it had an adjusted profit of €808m in 4Q07, down 2%. For 2007, net profit fell 82% to €569m, on sales of €62.5bn, up 2%. The results beat analysts' expectations and represent a stable operative business. DT reiterated it expects 2008 operating profit and free cash flow at the 2007 level.

Telefonica posted 4Q07 net profit up 2% to €1.1bn, while OIBDA grew by 2% to €4.6bn, on revenues of €14.4bn, up 1.6%. For 2007, Telefonica Espana reported €20.1bn in sales (+5%), while Telefonica Latam revenues reached €20bn (+11%) and Telefonica O2 €14.6bn (+10%). Full year OIBDA was €23bn, up 19%, and net profit rose 43% to €9bn.
Telefonica said it expects revenue growth in 2008 to be between 6% and 8%, and OIBDA growth to be between 7.5% and 11%.

Telekom Malaysia announced 4Q07 net profit of $185m (almost flat) and 2007 net earnings of $726m (+23%).

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