Bluetooth not dead

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It is an evidence that Bluetooth is currently gaining ground, but IMS forecasts it will not peak in the short or medium term. The range of potential applications for Bluetooth has not yet been realized, and the market trend is to avoid short-range wiring everywhere it can be done. At home first within consumer appliances (game devices first), in mobile phones (for hands-free calling) and specially in cars (in most countries legislation against using cell phones while driving). Some car makers have already decided to use Bluetooth in their in-vehicle infotainment systems (Fiat, Ford, ...). To answer the need of faster speeds required by new multimedia applications, Bluetooth is evolving smoothly to Version 3.0 of the technology. Video streaming and audio streaming services will be easily provided. The first products using the intermediary spec Version 2.1+EDR (enhanced data rate) are expected out by Xmas.

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