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For several months, the announcements of new mobile devices with 3G and /or WiFi connection are more and more frequent. What is relatively new is the hot trend of subsidizing these mobile devices like is done for mobile phones. Offers with free laptops including 3G connectivity flourish in the market. The most recent announcements are ATT offering $150 off the price of a Lenovo laptop equipped with built-in Ericsson 3G modems ; SFR is offering an Intel PC Pocket equipped with 3G/WiFi connectivity for €249 and soon a multimedia walkman from Archos and an Asus Eee PC 901 netbook. Some operators are also offering free netbooks, such as T-Mobile (with an Acer Aspire model) or Vodafone UK (with a Dell Inspiron Mini model). Intel is also working with Ericsson to exploit the MID market, in combining Intel’s “Moorestown” MID platform with Ericsson’s HSPA data solution. According to ABI Research, the MID market would account for 68% of the ultra-portable devices by 2013, that means 68% of a 200m units market.

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