People - 14/06/08

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UTStarcom will cut 700 jobs and replace its current CEO Hong Liang Lu by Peter Blackmore.

Vodacom CEO Alan Knott-Craig plans to step down in September.

Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin will leave the company with a total package worth nearly $50m. It is huge, but at least Vodafone was successful, in full expansion and profitable. It is not the case of most CEO leaving their struggling company with huge packages but also leaving layoffs, divestments and strong share decline.

AVAYA CEO and President D'Ambrosio will be stepping down for health reasons.

Pierre Danon (ex BT Retail and former CEO of Eircomm) will become CEO of Numericable (France).

ALU CMO John Giere is out, replaced by Tim Krause .

Motorola is cutting more than 20% (or 150) of the jobs in its R&D division.

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