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Lee Williams nominated as Executive Director for the Symbian Foundation.

ADC announced the appointment of Krish Prabhu, and David Roberts to the company's Board of Directors effective Nov. 1, 2008.

Sprint appointed former Ericsson director, Sven-Christer Nilsson to its board of directors.

The NFC Forum said Koichi Tagawa (from Sony) is its newly elected chairman, while Simon Pugh (MasterCard) is the new vice-chairman.

Nokia plans to cut 600 jobs in a corporate re-organization, mainly in marketing and sales (about 450 jobs) and R&D (about 130 jobs).

François Barrault, BT' s Global Services director, resigns following bad profitability results. Hanif Lalani, current CFO, will replace him.

Motorola revises its plan for restructuring, slashing about 3000 jobs, of which nearly 2000 in the handset division, and postponing the spin-off of its handset business..

ALU appoints Robert Vrij as the new head of the Americas region, replacing Cindy Christy, who resigned last month. It also appointed Adolfo Hernandez (from Sun) to the position of new head of the EMEA markets. Four Board members are quiting: Ms. Linnet F. Deily, M. Robert E. Denham, M. Jean-Pierre Halbron and M. Karl J. Krapek.

Nortel is planning a new restructuring plan with possibly cutting up to 5000 jobs.

Jose Maria Castellano has been named CEO of Spain' s ONO.

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