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You probably have already noticed that the word is fashionable ans is employed more and more often into news and comments. It seems it is a deep trend into the economy, as the word surfaced for years as a dream. Now it is more and more real for the benefit of the consumer and the service provider. First, consumers can access information without barriers, when they want, without any restriction in time and money, once monthly fee is paid. It is freedom, it is easy to use and it is cheaper than per minute consumption (except for low consumption). At the end of the month, there is no surprise: the bill is the same.

Secondly, service providers also found interest in unlimited packages. They do not deliver unlimited access to a single content provider or a single application, but for a bunch of services. It is a way to capture the loyalty of the consumer and keep it as a customer. Churn is reduced, because switching is not so easy when you have a lot of applications to switch simultaneously. In addition, SPs ' billing and CRM are simplified and stabilized. Revenues are predictable and traffic is boosted thanks to no-break in consumption.

That why more and more service providers are less and less shy launching unlimited access. Up to now, it was mainly the strategy of Tier 2 SPs, but Tier 1 operators are following the move (remember top 4 MNOs in the US two weeks ago, or Nokia's OVI service). Last week it was rumored that Apple could introduce unlimited iTunes service. Neuf Cegetel has introduced a fixed/ mobile package for SMEs at €99 a month during one year, then €144 a month.

So the business model is valid both for consumers and small businesses. Consumers had already widely adopted one bill per month; they just will likely adopt one flat bill per month in the near future.

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