Edito 22/03/2008

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I abandoned the edito item for a while, but it is a good way to easily communicate with my readers. I would like to underscore that the current issue is the two hundredth issue since the beginning in 2004. I am pleased to collect information every day, to remain aware and alerted on moves and evolution in the telecom market. So why not share the result with anyone interested in the matter. But I realized that current operation was not performing very well, and I take the symbolic 200th issue to start a new operating mode.

The former structure seems becoming obsolete with the split fixed/ mobile, overloading mailboxes with tenth of e-mails each week, and posting info once a week. For the first point, it is just acknowledging the blurring border between fixed and mobile, and it is easy to modify. I will regroup fixed and mobile information in a single item covering strategies and operations, but still maintain the split Vendor/ Operator corner. Results for vendors and operators will be regrouped also in a separate Financial Performance item. Fixed and mobile contacts will also be regrouped in a separate Awards item. Subscriber figures item will be maintained, but separately. A new Regulation Corner is created to deal with regulation/ law and governmental strategies. The People item is unchanged, as well as Market Corner and Top stories.

The second point is also easy to solve. The goal was to alert subscribers of new posted info. From now, I will only send one mail to alert subscribers of new info, be it in one or several articles. I hope you will find advantage to this new operating mode.

The third point is more delicate. I already tried to post info every day or at least several times per week. It is an heavy investment in time, and I am not sure to be able to do it every day. But again I will try.

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