Top 10 European MNOs and markets

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8 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and the UK) account for 70% of the total European subscribers. The largest country by subscriber is Germany with over 89m (+12%) users and a penetration rate of 108%. Italy is just behind with 83m (+14%) and a penetration rate of 143%. The UK is distanced with just above 69m (+6%) and a penetration rate of 114%. France is far from the leaders with 50m users (+6%) and a low penetration rate of 82%. In other words, some countries experienced a growth rate of about 12%-16% (Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey), when others reported a growth rate of about 5% (France, Spain, UK). In global, Europe has a penetration rate of 106%, and 20m new subscribers were added in 3Q07.

The top 10 European MNOs hold about 275m subscriptions, accounting for about 39%. More and more customers, but widespread across a growing number of operators, translated in decreasing European market share. TIM Italy is the only one with over 5% market share. The largest MNO is precisely TIM Italy with over 35m users, followed by Turkcell with 35m and T-Mobile Germany with just below 35m. Vodafone Germany is fourth with about 32m, distancing Vodafone Italy with about 28m. Orange France had almost 24m subscribers, with Kyivstar and Telefonica Spain on the heels. UMC Ukraine ranks ninth with 20m, and O2 UK is tenth with almost 19m. SFR France and Vodafone UK lead the followers with above 15m users each.

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