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Adtran achieved 2004 sales of $ 455m, up 15%, and net income rose 23% to $75.4m.

LG Electronics posted 4Q04 net income of $ 139m (vs. a loss) and revenues were up 20% to $6.24bn. 2004 revenues rose 22% to $ 23.6bn with earnings of $ 1.46bn (+100%). Telecom business was $ 2.7bn (up 54%) in 4Q04, of which $ 2.2bn in mobile handsets export.

Tellabs: while 4Q04 revenues rose 36% to $379m, it reported a loss of $139m (including charges of $180m). FY revenues rose 26% to $ 1.2bn and FY loss was $ 30m.

CSG posted 4Q04 revenues of $137m, operating income of $ 21m. 2004 revenues rose 20% to $530m and net income was $47m (vs. a loss).

Corning‘s 4Q04 revenues rose 26% to $1bn, and earned $ 177m.

Zhone reported 4Q04 revenues of $ 28m (up 21%) and a $ 3.8 net loss. For the year, it posted revenues rose 17% to $ 97.2m and the loss widened to $ 35.6m.

JDSU quarter results were $ 180.5m in revenues (down 7%) and net loss of $ 43.5m (down 21%).

Nokia: 4Q04 sales were € 9.1bn, of which € 5.7bn in phones (-6%) and € 1.9bn in Networks (+12%).  FY sales were €29.3bn and FY operating profit declined 14% to €4.3bn. Mobiles phones operating profit decreased 36% to € 3.8bn with a 20% operating margin (down from 28%). Networks operating profit rose 300% to € 878m.

NEC reported 4Q04 revenues of $10.8bn (-26%); operating profit of $200m (-38%) and net profit of $383m. 9mo results were $33bn in sales (-1%); $787m (-13%) in operating profit and $628m (+42%) in net profit.

Siemens:  4Q04 revenues declined 1% to € 18.2bn and net profit rose 38% to €1bn. Orders rose 5% to € 21.5bn. EBIT grew 5% to € 1.43bn. Mobile phone unit reported sales of € 1.17bn and a loss of € 143m. SBS reported sales of € 1.25bn and EBIT loss of € 25m. Communications group posted 4Q04 sales of € 4.2bn, down 7%, and a profit of € 240m.

STMicro announced 4Q04 sales of $ 2.33bn (+4.3%) and FY sales of $ 8.7bn (+21%); 4Q04 gross margin was 36.6% or € 852m.

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