Vendor results - 10/02/08

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JDSU back in black, with 4Q07 sales of $399m (+12%) and net profit of $21m (+200%). ROADM sales grew by 39%; 10Gbit/s sales jumped 32%.

Cisco reports FY2Q results. Profit rose 7% to $2bn, while sales climbed 16% to $9.8bn. But Cisco warned again that order growth dipped below 10% in January, and that could continue over the next several months, given financial markets uncertainty, and developed countries becoming "overly cautious". Cisco shares were down over 7% in after call trading.

BigBand announced 4Q07 revenues of $31m, down 52%, and a net loss of $14m (vs an income of $9m), while annual revenues amounted to $177m (flat) and net loss at $25m.

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