Mobile operator strategies - 02/06/07

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Vodafone NZ announced a second MVNO deal in a week. Compass will use its network to offer mobile services (after Orcon, the other local MVNO: see above).

Orange is launching mobile services in Guinea-Bissau (Africa). Coverage will be extended to a large part of the population by the end of the year, in competition with GuineTel and Areeba.

Vivo (Brazil) has received a $770m loan from BNDES, the national development bank in Brazil, to build its overlay GSM network and introduce 3G services.

Spice Telecom and Idea Cellular (both in India) have decided to merge and become the fifth-largest mobile operator in India with about 10% market share. They complement in terms of geographical coverage.

Ukrainian Telesystems (Ukraine) has launched CDMA 2000 services in Crimea.

Telecom NZ will switch to GSM, and invest some $290m for building a GSM network. It will retain, however, its current CDMA network for voice calling and high-speed data services.

Sonera (Finland) is upgrading its 3G network to HSDPA.

Hutchison has selected NEC to provide i-mode services in Hong Kong.

Orange would pay €270m for DT' Spanish unit

Steve Ballmer insists that Microsoft will not make a mobile phone.

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