Regulation Corner - 13/10/08

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The Chinese Government has required telcos to share and jointly build infrastructure. This mainly concerns towers and ducts. This will mainly benefit to China Telecom and China Unicom, accelerate their mobile service roll-out and cut capex.

Pakistan cut 10.5m mobile phone SIM cards for non-registration with their mobile operator.

France: The telecom regulator, Arcep, gave recommendations based on the principle of "shared access" to the last mole, and on the first operator to equip a building offers to install additional fiber for other operators. This solution was found pragmatic by FT and Iliad. A period test of 12 months is required for analyzing the conditions of the deployment and further conclusions will be raised in one year.

Philippines: NTC, the Philippines telecommunications commission, recommends telcos to interconnect their backhaul networks.

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