Fixed contracts - 19/01/08

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Cisco has been selected by EDF (French Electricity utility) in Lyon (France) for its VOIP solution. 4000 extensions on 11 sites. It will provide ROADM technology to Oriental Cable Network (China).

RAD Data will provide gateways for Ethernet over DSL to T-Mobile in order to upgrade its network to HSDPA backhauling.

ALU will deploy a nation-wide IP/MPLS and optical network in Romania for TELETRANS. It will lay a new submarine cable network linking Tahiti to Hawaii for Polynesia’s PTO. MTS Allstream (Canada) has selected ALU to introduce broadband and IPTV to Manitoba customers.

Airspan has been awarded a contract to supply ACT Jordan with a WiMAX solution, as well as in Ukraine for national and regional carriers.

NSN is supplying China Telecom with an operator host IP based video monitoring solution.

Huawei has been selected to deploy BT' s FTTH GPON infrastructure.

Motorola will supply Axtel (Mexico) with WiMAX access points, core network equipment, associated services, and customer devices.

NEC has been selected by Wind (Italy) for its PASOLINK microwave equipment.

China GrenTech will supply wireless local area network access point equipment to China Telecom Guangdong in 2008.

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