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Market consolidation : the transaction SBC-ATT is official. For $ 16m, SBC will take over ATT, its former mother company. But with this deal, consolidation is not over in the US market. The latest rumor is Qwest and Verizon interested buying MCI. Qwest...

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SBC ATT : the hot topic of this weekend is the possible merger between SBC and ATT. Ailing ATT could be bought by its former spin-off in a $15bn deal. It could mark the end of a downward spiral for ATT, the most powerful operator in the 70s. Banned from...

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Top stories 17-01-05 N47

2005 will remain the year of the world's first cellphone-based mobile broadcasting, and it happened in Korea . Satellite digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) claims to provide, through handheld devices, video, theater-quality audio and data. Another...

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Top stories 24-01-05 N48

Lucent is "working on a data-focused disruptive technology" to sell into UMTS markets, according to Pat Russo, Lucent s CEO. We do not know yet what she meant, but some new wireless developments will be showcased early February in next annual 3GSM show...

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Top stories 10-01-05- N46

10-01- After years of focus on consumer and computer markets, CES show (the biggest consumer show in the world) last week added personal communications. So, consumer and computer firms are put on a collision course, with telecom and cable companies. This...

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