Market researches - 07/09/07

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to CCID, 70% of the Chine cellular handset market is captured by foreign brands.

  • According to UN, world has 4bn lines, of which 1.3bn fixed lines and 2.7bn mobile lines. Over 1 bn people in the world use the Internet.

  • ABI Research found that 3G LTE (UMTS Long Term Evolution ) would dominate the world's mobile infrastructure markets after 2011;

  • The internet will account for around 15% of total advertising spending in media in the UK this year.

  • Gartner has ranked ALU as #1 in the Western European enterprise telephony market with 17% market share in 2006.

  • Huawei claims 21% of the world' s GSM market and targets 30% in one to two years.

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