Global vendor strategies - 07/09/07

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Oracle is still hungry: the new preys are Netsure Telecom, a network intelligence and reconciliation leader, and Bridgestream, specialized in employee role mapping software . Another potential pray could be Comverse in whole or part (CNS division).

Orca (IPTV middleware firm ) is still in takeover talks with a number of parties, according to its CEO.

Apple' s iPhone is a success. It outsold all smart phones (Motorola, Nokia, RIM, ...) in the US in July, and accounted for 1.8% of all mobile-handset unit sales to U.S. customers during the month. Partly due to this success, and partly under threat of recent Nokia announcement, Apple surprisingly cut the price of its iPhone slashing the price of the 8Go model to $399 from $599. Early buyers were upset and have obtained apologize and a $100 credit from S. Jobs

Broadcom wins federal antitrust Appeal against Qualcomm.

Microsoft may unveil a Zune-based phone. Various news converge to support the idea: Microsoft Mobile success, Apple success with the iPhone, potential taking over RIM, and Google' s GPhone likely launch,...Microsoft did not scratch the idea as well.

Ericsson and Endemol today announced a global partnership agreement to develop interactive TV and user-generated content.

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