Mobile vendor strategies - 07/09/07

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Google and HTC would work together to launch a $100 mobile phone (Gphone) to compete with the Apple iPhone. The Gphone would include Linux OS, WiFi, GPS and GoogleMaps, and will use an ad-based business model.

Huawei is likely to be fined by CAT Telecom (Thailand) for late delivery of a CDMA network.

Nokia may stop its in-house development of DVB-H chips for Mobile TV handsets and outsource its supply needs. It announced plans to integrate social networking technology from Twango into its S60 platform.

Apple revamps its iPod, introduces a iPod Touch with a WiFi connection, and refurbishes the look.

RAD Data has introduced what is the first gateway capable of aggregating all 2G, 3G and HSDPA traffic from a cell site and transport it over cost-effective DSL infrastructure (backhauling).

Ericsson turns “green” with its new radio eco-friendly base station and tower tube. The flexible concrete tower has a lower environmental impact and handle the radio base station at its top.

Quorum Systems is introducing a multi technology transceiver, the Sereno QS3200, adding TD-SCDMA support to existing 2G/2.5G/3G RF transceiver family.

Hewlett-Packard unveiled two new mobile phones.

Nokia is teaming up with Check Point Software and Intel to enhance corporate network security in the face of rising threats.

Motorola plans to release handsets with touch screen control pads in the US.

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