Subscriber figures - 07/09/07

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BT (UK) passes 4m broadband Internet customer, and reached 26% UK market share.

India: according to COAI, India may add 10m mobile phone subscribers a month before the end of 2007 (including CDMA WLL lines).

Yoigo (Spain) has reached a client base of 161,000 in few months.

France: French broadband subscribers hit 14.3m (+28%) at the end of June.

Free (France) currently has 2.6m DSL customers , giving it a 20% market share.

Celcom (Malaysia) currently has 330,000 3G customers, plans 450k 3G users by the end of this year, and would have national 3G coverage by mid-08.

Orascom Telecom added over 5m new subscribers in 2Q07, to reach a total of 61.7m at the end of June.

Egypt had 24.5m mobile subscribers at end-July, and 5.4m internet users.

Ecuador announced 9.4m mobile subs at end-July.

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