Fixed operator strategies - 01/09/07

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Google' s Gmail is now being offered as a push e-mail service

China Telecom plans deploying fiber to the home (FTTH) around the country in three years including the rural market.

Hawe plans to build a 4,000 km-long, $64m, fiber optic system across Poland in the coming three years.

Japan is planning to conduct some R&D on a new networking technology capable of replacing the internet.

DoCoMo seeks alliance for WiMAX service and is in talks with potential partners. It is in final talks with Acca Networks, plans to invite other companies to form a large alliance (such as Tokyo Broadcasting, Mitsui and East Japan Railway). Acca will hold a 40% interest in the JV, with DoCoMo a 25% stake.

Altice (Numericable), France, is bidding for 55% stake in Completel (France). Completel is valued at about €660m.

DT has cut the price of its IPTV service in an effort to boost its customer base (believed to be in the range of tens of thousands instead of targeted 200K by the end of this year).

Telkom (South Africa) is to invest around $1bn in the expansion of the network of Multi-Links, its Nigerian subsidiary, over the next five years.

MTC-Vodafone plans to introduce its WiMAX service in Bahrain in September 2007.

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