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China Unicom added 1.5m mobile subscribers (of which 1.1m in GSM) in July bringing its total to 153.1m (of which 113.7m GSM).

China Mobile added 5.6m new subscribers in July, bringing its total to 338m users.

China would pass 500m mobile subscriber base in 3Q07!

China Telecom only added 60k new users in July.

Porta (Ecuador) has about 6.2m mobile subscribers, of which 6m are GSM.

The Nigerian mobile market is estimated to have about 36m subscribers with a penetration rate of 27%.

Mexico: Telcel reported 46.1m mobile subscribers, Moviles had 10.2m and Iusacell had 3.9m subscribers at the end of June.

Satelindo (Indonesia) has increased its user base to 20m subscribers in June 2007.

In Brazil: Brasil Telecom currently has 3.8m mobile subscribers and 8.1m fixed line users; Tele Norte Leste has 12.6m mobile customers and 14.6m fixed line users;

MTS (Russia) had 75 mobile users in July (of which 53m in Russia).

Senegal: 3.3m mobile subscribers, down qoq 100k users in 2Q07 after massive disconnections following new legislation. Orange and Tigo are the market leaders with respectively 72% and 27%.

Venezuela: 4.5m (+17%) fixed lines in June; 21.2m mobile subscribers, up 34%; 4.8m internet users, up 20%;

India: The total number of telephone subscribers in India has reached 233m in July, up qoq 3.5%.

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