Subscriber figures - 18/08/07

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Singtel' regional subscriber base rose to 136m at end-June.

Kenya' s mobile customer base reached over 10m at end-June, and penetration now stands at 29%. Safaricom holds almost 77% of the market, followed by Kencell.

Personal (Argentina) ended 2Q07 with a 11m customer base, up 47%, in Argentina, and of 1.4m in Paraguay (+78%).

Wind Hellas (Greece) had 4.4m mobile customers at end-June.

India added 5.8m new mobile users in July to a total of almost 142m. Bharti Airtel captured 32% of the market.

Guatemala reports 7.2m mobile lines at the end of 2006, up 59%.

Brazil reached a 108m mobile customer base in July (up 17%).

Chile registered almost 14m mobile subscribers at the end of June, with a penetration rate of 86%.

Russia had 162m (+1%) mobile subscribers at the end of July.

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