Operator results - 18/08/07

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DT reported a 40% drop in 2Q07 net income, on revenues up 3% to €15.6bn. Revenues were made of €5.7bn (-7.5%) in fixed telephony, hit by a loss of 516k customers in fixed telephony, partially offset by a gain of 448k broadband users. T-Mobile reported €8.7bn in revenues, and €2.7bn in gross income. Sales at the business customer unit dropped almost 8% to € 3bn amid fierce competition for business customers.EBITDA rose to €4.9bn, and the net income dropped 40% to €608m. In reaction, DT would cut €2bn in expenses in the year (from about €800m in 1H07).

Singtel (Singapore) reports 2Q07 (FY1Q) operating revenues of $2.3bn, up 10%, EBITDA of $0.7bn, up 7.5%. Net profit rose by 10.4% to $607m.

Polkomsel (Poland) said it made a 2Q07 profit of €96m, up 34%, on revenues of €517m, up 5.5% and EBITDA of €197m. 1H07 net profit rose 25% to €169m.

Personal (Argentina) reports 2Q07 net profit of $21m, up 379%, on revenues of $362m, up 36%.

Bouygues Telecom (France) announced 1H07 sales went up almost 6% to €2.3bn.

China Mobile announced an excellent half-year financial performance. Revenues were up 22% to $21.3bn, while EBITDA grew 15% to $11.5bn with an EBITDA margin of about 54%. profit rose 26% to $4.9bn. They said they made steady progress, benefiting from a sound competitive environment, a superior network, strong brand recognition, economies of scale and effective management. the total number of subscribers had reached 332.4m.

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