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Bharti Airtel (India) reports almost 43m mobile subscribers at the end of June, with net additions in June of 5.5m and a market share of over 24%, up 3 points.

There are only 7 mobile operators (on a national basis) in the world with over 50m mobile subscribers: China Mobile, China Unicom, DoCoMo, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, SprintNextel and MTS Russia.

58% of French people over 11 are internauts. They account for over 30m (+12%).

Telkom (Indonesia) had 42.8m mobile subscribers at end-June.

Brazil Telecom said it had almost 4m (+36%) mobile subscribers at the end of June.

With its Rural Cellular acquisition, Verizon Wireless reached 62.1m mobile subscriber base, just 1.6m below rival ATT.

Pakistan continues its impressive customer number growth, reaching over 63m and a penetration of 37%, adding 7.6m new users in 2Q07. Mobilink remains the market leader, but with a market share dropping to below 42% (loss of 8 points in one year);

New Zealand had 4.2m mobile subscribers at end-June 2007.

Mobinil (Egypt) reached 11.9m mobile subscribers at the end of June.

S. Korea ends July with 42.4m mobile users.

France has a penetration rate of 83% with 52.5m mobile subscribers.

PLDT Group (Indonesia), including Smart and Piltel, reports a global mobile subscriber base of over 27m at end-June.

Sprint Nextel reports 54m mobile customers in June.

Japan: DoCoMo had a total base of 52.9m at end-July, of which 38.7m are 3G: KDDI announced 28.9m mobile subscribers, of which 27.8 are 3G; Softbank reports a base of 16.7m, of which 9.9m are 3G.

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