Operator results - 10/08/07

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Rogers (Canada) reports its 2Q07 net loss was $53m, vs a profit of $264m last year, on revenues of $2.4bn, up 16%. Its adjusted consolidated operating profit improved 20% to $848m.

Qwest (USA) posts another good quarter. 2Q07 profits amounted to $246m, up 100%, on revenues almost flat at $ 3.5bn.

Telkom (Indonesia) announced 2Q07 net profit up 52% to $389m, on revenues up 26% to $1.7bn.

Brazil Telecom said its 2Q07 net profit jumped 39% to $78m, on revenues up 12% to $ 1.5bn. EBITDA increased 20% to $519m.

Du (UAE) reports 2Q07 revenues up 184% to $82m and 1H07 revenues of $132m (+140%), with a 2Q07 net loss of $76m, up 30% qoq.

BCE (Canada) posted improved 2Q07 results: earnings were $630m, up 40%, on revenues up 1.5% to $4.2bn. EBITDA rose 2.5% to $1.7bn.

Time Warner Cable (USA) reports 2Q07 revenues growing 59% to $4bn, OIBDA up 52% to $1.4bn and operating profit rising 31% to $771m.

MTS (Russia) announced 1H07 net profit of $790m, up 46%, and 2Q07 net profit of $482m, up 49%.

Partner Comm. (Israel) posts 31% rise in 2Q07 profit to $53m, on revenues up 7% to $340m. EBITDA grew 10% to $120m.

Wind Telecom (Italy) announced 1H07 net loss of €127m, vs profit of €20m last year; revenues grew 8% to €2.8bn.

Telus (Canada) said its 2Q07 net profit of $239m, down 29%, on revenues of $2.1bn, up 4%.

Telecom NZ reports FY net operating profit of $726m, up 17%; an EBITDA of $1.5m, down 4%.

PLDT (Philippines) posts a 1H07 net profit of $371m (+11%), on revenues of $1.5bn in fixed ($0.5bn) and mobile operations ($1bn).

Sprint Nextel posts 2Q07 net earnings of $19m, down from $370m a year ago, 150 169

Fastweb (Italy) reports its first-ever profit at €5.8m on revenues up 25% to €360m.

Telecom Italia said its 1H07 revenues only grew by less than 1% to €15.5bn, of which fixed line services revenues declined by over 7%. Its operating income was down almost 9%.

HanaroTelecom (S.Korea) announced 2Q07 profit at $2m (vs loss in 2006) on revenues of $500m, up 8%.

Telstra reports revenues growth of 4.4% to $20.5bn and net profit of $2.8bn, up 3%.

Swisscom said its 2Q07 net profit was up 59% to €290. 1H07 revenues grew 7% to €4.9bn; EBITDA rose 13% to €1.2bn and net profit grew 7% to €571m.

Portugal Telecom posts a 33% rise in 2Q07net profit to €252m, on revenues of €1.5bn, up 9%. EBITDA rose 27% to €576m.

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