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M6 Mobile (MVNO in France) has reached 1m subscribers, a year before the estimated date. It now aims at 1.5m users by 2008-end.

Iusacell (Mexico) had 3.9m mobile subscribers at June-end.

LG Telecom (S. Korea) had 7.5m mobile users at June-end.

Verizon Communications said its high-speed Internet customers increased to 7.7m connections, while fixed line customers fell 10%.It also had 515k FiOS TV subscribers at the end of 2Q07.

Verizon Wireless added 1.3m net customers to 62.1m in the quarter.

BTC (Bulgaria) currently has 2.9m fixed line customers, 97% of the fixed-line market in Bulgaria.

Telefonica had 155m mobile customers, of which 22m in Spain, at June-end; 1.3m IPTV users.

DTAC (Thailand) reports 14.5m mobile subscribers, while AIS has 22m users.

SFR (France) currently has 3.45m 3G subscribers.

Pakistan has a mobile user base of over 63m, of which 1m for CMPak, almost 11m for Telenor Pakistan, 11m for Warid, 14m for Ufone, and over 26m for Mobilink.

TIM Brazil reports 27.4m mobile subscribers, up 4%.

The number of mobile subscribers in China had exceeded 501m by the end of June 2007, with a penetration level at approximately 37%. The number of fixed-line users increased to 372.7m, representing a penetration rate of 28%. The country also had 59.5m broadband customers at end-June, of which 44.8m were DSL users.

STC (Saudi Arabia) said it has 15.5m mobile subscribers in the country. Its rival Mobily had 6.2m users by the end of March.

India' s Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) said there were 136m mobile subscribers s of the end of June 2007.

MTS (Russia) announced almost 53m mobile subscribers in June 07.

Vodafone added 9.1m new customers to a total of 232m.

Telecom Italia has 5.1m 3G subscribers.

Ecuador ' s mobile subscribers grow to 9.2m at June-end, of which 6.2m for Conecel and 2.6m for Movistar.

China had 162m Internet users at the end of June.

Brazil: The number of mobile phones grew to 106.6m at the end of June.

3 Italia has surpassed 600k subscribers for its DVB-H service.

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