Market Researches - 16/07/07

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to In-Stat, China's mobile Location-Based Services (LBS) market will be accepted on a large scale.

  • By 2011, In-Stat predicts the consumer VoIP market will total nearly $44bn worldwide, of which 18% only from the US. In 2006, Europe added 14m new VOIP subscribers, when the US added 4m.

  • According to OC&C Strategy Consultants, the French mobile TV market would be worth €500m by 2013.

  • Juniper Research estimates that the mobile payment market would reach $22bn and be adopted by 204m mobile users.

  • 500Go in a DVD is a performance realized by German scientists .

  • 2.7m mobile games were downloaded in France in 1Q07 for an amount of €12m, according to GfK. The main driver for this market is low prices.

  • According to Dell'Oro, ALU keeps its market leadership in DSL as well as IP DSLAM shipments at the end of the first quarter of 2007, with a 26% market share in IP DSLAM market and a 41% market share in DSL. Up to now, ALU has shipped more than 133m DSL lines.

  • According to India's telecom regulator, India is likely to keep adding 6m to 7m new wireless subscribers every month in the medium term. The Indian government aims to have 500m telephone subscribers by 2010.

  • Network trials for TD-SCDMA, China's homegrown third generation (3G) mobile network standard, are making solid progress, according to a member of the TD-SCDMA Forum.

  • According to Nemertes Research, businesses would increase their mobile devices expenditure by 421% in the next twelve months.

  • iSupply forecasts that IPTV revenues would reach $26bn by 2011, of which $10bn in NA.

  • According to Wireless Intelligence, WCDMA HSPA cellular connections are expected to reach 40m worldwide by end of 2008.

  • Samsung raises its 2007 handset global shipments to 1.13bn units.

  • Consolidation among market research firms:Informa has acquired Datamonitor.

  • First estimates give a modified ranking in the mobile handset market. Nokia remains leader with Samsung now second with 37.4m units shipped, ahead of Motorola with 35-36m units.

  • A survey from Mediametrie found that mobinautes are interested by information (mainly wheather and sports) and mobile TV.

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