Mobile vendor strategies - 16/07/07

Publié le par Jean Arnal

RIM will introduce a 8820 Blackberry handset equipped with WiFi functionality.

Neo 1973 is a GSM phone equipped with Linux OS (OpenMoko), with GPS and microSD memory card. Sold on the web site of Open Source OpenMoko.

Motorola' s minority shareholders continue to call for board reorganization and ousting CEO Zander.

Qualcomm still tries to get royalties from Chinese homegrown TD-SCDMA standard.

Apple is rumored to prepare a cheaper, slimmed down iPhone later this year based on the iPod Nano.

ALU has announced a new Mobile TV terrestrial transmitter product for wireless carriers, complying with DVB-H in UHF and DVB-SH in the S band.

ZTE has become the largest supplier of CDMA handsets to the Indian mobile phone market, with a 26% market share, ahead of former leader LG.

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