Vendor results - 16/07/07

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Motorola announced a profit warning for 2Q07. The turnover will be at about $8.6bn, 8% below the target and Motorola would report a quarterly loss. The mobile phone unit will also be in red, and expects to count up only 35-36m handsets shipped in the quarter. As a consequence, Motorola will lost market share, partly to Sony Ericsson and Nokia, and the second place to Samsung. It is not good news for Motorola CEO, and Motorola share rose 3% on rumors that Zander will be forced to step down.

Sony Ericsson reported pretax profit of €327m, up 55%, but below expectations. It sold 25m units, up 59%. but ASP fell 14% to €125. Revenues reached €3.1n, up 37%. Sony Ericsson claimed it holds a 9% market share now.

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