Global operator strategies - 16/07/07

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Telefonica offers €3bn to fully control Vivo (Brazil), its joint affiliate with Portugal Telecom. Telefonica may sell its 10% stake in Portugal Telecom as part of the deal, but PT says it is also willing to buy Vivo.

Teliasonera has bought 100% of MCT that controls Coscom (Uzbekistan), CJSC Indigo (Tajikistan), JV Somoncom and Telecom Development Afghanistan.

CompleTel could be sold. The company has asked a bank to propose a strategy, and should have already received an offer.

France: the new government wants to boost the telecom sector and give it a long-term perspective. A working group is preparing a report to be given to the President this week. Decisions will be made before the end of the year.

France Telecom does not exclude links with private equity firms in making foreign acquisitions. Main targets are in Algeria and Vietnam.

Telenor acquires Norwegian mobile operator Talkmore for $23m.

New Zealand: the Commerce Commission's new ruling asks mobile operators to pay $52k per day to incumbent Telecom New Zealand for subsidizing unprofitable users in rural areas, or Telecom Service Obligations (TSO).

ATT is exploring the possibility of re-entering India's lucrative mobile telephone service market.

Rumor: Sprint Nextel' share is up on rumors that SK Telecom could take over it, and in spite SK Telecom denies such strategy.

Temasek plans to acquire Airtel (India) stake for $2bn.

DoCoMo and ATT Wireless are partnering for building a high-speed wireless network throughout Hawaii.

Telecom Italia may get some $550m from the sale of its Brasil Telecom stake.

China plans to encourage local telecom operators to expand their business internationally.

Over 49% of Telekom Slovenije is for sale. The Slovenian government will sell the stake at the end of the summer.

Mobile payment service provider Obopay has received $29m in its third round of funding.

NextWave Wireless has agreed to purchase a majority stake in Tokyo-based telecom company IPMobile.

Kenya: The government has announced plans to sell a controlling 51% stake in Telkom Kenya to a strategic investor.

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