Mobile operator strategies - 16/07/07

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France: the Consumer Union “UFC Que Choisir?” has released a report giving details on the poor competitive environment in the French mobile market, with high prices, high wholesale prices, mini 2-year subscriptions, etc.

Reliance (India), with the help of Qualcomm, is to focus developing its CDMA offer on rural areas where spectrum in 800MHz and 1900MHz is available.

Econet Wireless (Zimbabwe) is waiting required frequencies to provide 3G services in the country.

China Unicom has invited bids for equipment-related needs requirements of its IP network. The network would reach 173 cities of thirty provinces throughout China. Huawei and ALU will provide required equipment.

Virgin Mobile USA has gained about 1,000 new subscribers a day with its marketing program Sugar Mama. By opting in or agreeing to see the ads, Sugar Mama participants get free minutes in return.

France allows GSM operators to provide 3G services at 900MHz.

Vodafone may plan to launch services in Vietnam, and launches a secure (encrypted) SMS messaging service in the UK.

Reliance (India) will invest some $740m in expanding its GSM network with 17m new lines.

BSNL (India) will launch location-based services in India, using Telenity solution.

China has offered to extend a loan worth $642m to Thai Mobile for upgrading its voice service to 3G and multimedia.

DT, Wind and 3 Italia are set to sell their telecoms radio towers in an effort to lower cost, a way most European telcos may follow short-term.

DoCoMo is testing an experimental "Super 3G" LTE system to achieve a downlink transmission rate of 300Mbits/s over a high-speed wireless network.

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