Market Researches - 08/07/07

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A few set of market information released this week

  • According to the Spanish telecom regulator, the Spanish telecom sector has generated from end-users €35.1bn in revenues in 2006, up almost 6%, or about twice the European average growth rate.

  • Columbia' s telecom sector rose about 15% to $4bn in 2006.

  • According to ABI Research, almost 50% of all telecom users will be using at least one SIP-based service, and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol ) services will become the norm after 2010.

  • According to Mformation Technologies, 70% of businesses plan to be using VoIP regularly on their mobile devices over the next two years.

  • According to Berg Insight, the European 3G mobile broadband market will reach 5m connections at the end of this year.

  • ABI Research has named Ubiquisys the leading developer of intelligent femto access points for the residential market.

  • Global IPTV subscribers to hit 70m-100m by 2010.

  • MVNOs account for 17% of mobile connections in the Netherlands.

  • iSuppli forecasts that the Chinese mobile navigation market would grow 12-fold by 2011 to 16.5m units.

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